About the District

About the District

The Branciforte Fire Protection District is located within Santa Cruz County, between the City of Santa Cruz and Scotts Valley. The district consists of a heavily wooded Wildland/Urban Interface. We serve approximately 3,000 residents. Within the district there are several vineyards, orchards, farms, as well as an elementary school, a conference center, and a tourist location called The Mystery Spot

The Branciforte Fire Protection District provides fire protection, suppression, and Emergency Medical Services at a Basic Life Support level. All our engines are equipped with AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) and our firefighters are trained to the current Santa Cruz County CPR guidelines. Since 2012, a small number of qualified Branciforte Volunteer Firefighters have been providing Advanced Life Support care while on duty. The availability of this ALS service is dependent on whether a volunteer paramedic is on duty.

Branciforte Fire runs approximately 170 calls on average a year. We respond to various types of emergencies including structure fires, wildland fires, medical emergencies,

Branciforte Fire Chief Steve Kovacs

vehicle accidents, as well as public service calls. Medical emergencies and vehicle accidents make up 75% of our responses. Additionally, we provide mutual aid service throughout Santa Cruz County and California for large Wildland fires.We provide our service through two stations. Station 1 (centrally located within the District), houses the majority of our apparatus and equipment, and is staffed 24/7, 365 days a year. Station 2

(located in the north end of the district) houses one unstaffed engine, and is available for response if needed.The Branciforte Fire Protection District is staffed by 3 full-time Captains, and 34 volunteer firefighters.

Minimum staffing of one person is provided on a rotating 48/96 schedule by the 3 paid Captains. Volunteer firefighters are utilized to supplement the on-duty crews on calls and at the station. Often, volunteer firefighters are available at the station either on duty or completing necessary training.  The volunteer firefighters are divided into a rank structure based on experience and qualifications consisting of Captains, Lieutenants, Driver/Operators, Firefighters, and Probationary Firefighters.  All volunteers have pagers and are available at any given time. They may respond in their private vehicle to a scene or cover the station to staff an additional engine. Volunteers attend a weekly Drill every Tuesday to maintain the skills necessary to be a successful firefighter.